New Car Lot Ready  

When a dealership receives a vehicle from the manufacturer, our staff preps and details each vehicle to be sold and driven off of the car lot. This is a long and tedious process to make sure that the vehicle is ready for all customers. Our staff is fully trained to prepare each vehicle quickly and efficiently.

  • Peeling off all plastic and unwanted stickers 
  • Hand washing
  • Clay baring entire vehicle's exterior for feel and corrosive materials
  • Application of sealant wax to the entire vehicle exterior
  • Vacuuming of the interior
  • Removal of all tapelines with solvent or all-purpose cleaner
  • Wipe all seats and carpet for any dust from PDI
  • Wiping all door jams and wheels
  • Application of dealership stickers

Pre-Owned & New Car Delivery/Sold Make Ready

"Delivery" is the term used when a car is sold and "delivered" to the customer. It happens at the store. Prior to delivering the car to the customer, we make sure the car is detailed and ready for the customer to drive off of the lot.

  • hand wash exterior
  • spray wax exterior as needed for “showroom finish”
  • pop engine and trunk for spot clean and wipe the door jams
  • wipe wheels and dress tires
  • vacuum interior 
  • wipe seats, dash, cup holders, radio, arm rests and headliner for dust
  • place floor mats in vehicle
  • clean all glass

Lot Porter

Lot porters ensure that the vehicle inventory is moved safely to their correct spots on the lot. Especially for large car dealerships, lot porters have a very time consuming position that the employees in the sales or service departments aren't able to step out and do on their own. 


Customer and Dealership Satisfaction Guarantee 

To ensure that our staff exceeds your expectations, we perform a BUTTERFLY DELIVERY (all doors open/6 position walk around) to Management with a towel and spray bottle for spot cleaning. We also receive a Quality Control/CSI rating from the dealership personnel to make sure that all personnel are happy with our services.



Pre-Owned & Service Full Detail

We also fully detail all pre-owned vehicles and take a lot of time and serious effort making sure the vehicle looks as new as possible.

  • Hand wash exterior
  • Spray wax exterior as needed for “showroom finish”
  • Pop engine and trunk for spot clean and wipe the door jams
  • Wipe wheels and dress tires
  • Vacuum interior 
  • Wipe seats, dash, cup holders, radio, arm rests and headliner for dust
  • Place floor mats in vehicle
  • Clean all glass  
  • Apply all dealership stickers or advertising on specified area of vehicle


OnSite Dealer Services